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Selling your vehicle

We will only buy from the registered owner.

Once we have inspected your vehicle, we will make you an offer for your vehicle. If you accept the offer the following will happen:

We will need the following:

☐ Registration document of vehicle
➔ If the vehicle is still under finance, this document will still be at the finance house.
☐ ID Document
☐ Proof of your residential address
☐ Proof of payment
➔ In case of HP, settlement letter from your finance house (not older than 2 days)
➔ If your vehicle has been fully paid for, proof that you have paid for the vehicle in full, example Receipt
☐ We can make payment in the way you prefer: Cash, EFT or cheque


Cell: 083 271 7480
Email: allan@agmotors.co.za


Cell: 074 893 1409
Email: willem@agmotors.co.za